The financial app for your social life

Finch is the financial app for your social life that allows you to pay friends instantly and securely, run tabs to track group expenses, split bills, and see where all your money is going.

We're meeting millennials where they're at today, while growing in intelligence to support them as their financial priorities change tomorrow.

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How does this differ from apps like Venmo or Square Cash? Just additional debt tracking between friends?
@bsradcliffe Looks like it's Australia only. That's the differentiator. Also, hey, fellow Capital One PH reader.
@mattahorton eyyyyy 🤘🏻🙌🏻👋🏻
@bsradcliffe @mattahorton Hey guys! Our primary difference is that we’re focused on customer behaviours (in this case socialising) rather than one specific product. While we do have Venmo-like features (though we have a faster UI with a more social feed) it really is just one feature of Finch. We’re more of a cross between Venmo – Splitwise – Clarity to offer what we call “social finance management”. :-)
Hey PH, Shahirah, co-founder of Finch here. Finch is a financial app for your social life that makes social payments fun and easy today, while growing in intelligence to support you as your financial priorities change tomorrow. Our social payments features lets you pay and request money from friends instantly and securely without bank details, manage IOUs with automatic reminders, split bills fairly and run group tabs to track shared expenses (think roommates or travelmates!) For many of us millennials, our social lives are most definitely in order, but the cost of it?? Not so much. Our next feature Finsights (launching in a few weeks) will show you where all your money is going both in and out of the app, specific to 'social spending' categories that are the hardest to control: bars, eating out, travel and entertainment. Over time, we’ll add features to help you build financial awareness and develop positive habits by simply starting small. Instead of ‘personal finance management’ we call it ‘social finance management’. If you’re in Oz, give it a whirl! We’d love to hear your feedback. If you’re in the US and want to see us there, give us a shout!
Why it's not in the US appstore ?
@meshoo12 Only Australia for now :)
What's the difference from Verse or Twyp? And now that whatsapp is going to manage money transactions, how do you plan to differentiate/survive?
@bernardamus Hey there! As mentioned above, social payments is only one feature of our product. Social networks may very well enter the space to specifically address P2P payments but we’re reimagining the customer experience as whole. What are the behaviours that come before and after social payments? Naturally, users may want to see where their money is going (especially across categories that are the hardest to control!) Then what? Savings? Spending Limits? Budgets? What if you could have that seamless experience on a single app without any additional onboarding or having to signup to another product entirely? Growing with our users, this is our differentiated approach.:)