Financial Toolbelt is a site dedicated to helping people understand and improve their finances.

We are launching with 3 calculators at the beginning for some of the most common questions in personal finance: retirement, starting a side business, and credit card debt. We are working on more tools and welcome all feedback & feature requests!

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Been using FT for a while now and have been really motivated by the side hustle calculator. (Showing me that if I just charge a little bit more the amount of user onboarding goes way down.) Also on my quest for FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement), it is always good for me to run the numbers again anytime my income changes!
@stephenfjohnson Thanks for being an early tester and the kind words Stephen. Really have appreciated your feedback shaping FT so far!
Hey PH! I built Financial Toolbelt to help people understand their finances better. Most of the existing calculators I have tried were missing some features (and design) that I wanted so I decided to build my own. My #1 goal is to hopefully make it easier to make informed decisions about how to improve your finances. I am sure there are some bugs and other things I need to improve so please let me know if you see anything. I am also building new tools/calculators/resources and would love some input from the community if they think the site is missing something!
Great job !! 😊
Love the retirement calculator. Easy to fill in the basic details, with the flexibility to adjust some advanced items. Well done!
@campbellcapital thanks for checking it out! If there's anything you would like to add/change let me know.
@austingrandt One area I'd love to see more of in retirement planning is the issue of taxes (before and in retirement). Specifically, the optimal way to allocate annual savings between pre- and post-tax options. This area has quite a few assumptions, but would be nice to play around with the 'advanced items'.
Absolutely love it. Wanted to create something like that taking a lot of parameters into account. (I only started a quick compounded growth calculator, but yours is way more advanced) If you need contributors, I'd be happy to help :)
@tsnkff Thanks for the offer and for checking out the calculators! Still trying to figure out what next steps are for this thing but will let you know!