A simple yet thorough money tracking app for iOS 💰

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Finances - Money Tracker is a simple yet thorough and elegant money tracking app for the iPhone


Fatih Turan
Jessica Sorrentini
Vivek Krishnaswamy


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Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
Hey! Love the idea! But may I ask how different it is from all the budget tracking app on the market? I think they cover pretty much all features that this app have, plus many more colors and icons to customize ^^
Marco Corti
Marco CortiMaker@mcorti
@tuanmon1604 Hey Alan, it’s different in that it works as I wanted my money tracker to work 😄. After giving a try to many of the existing apps on the market (I’m aware there are thousands) I couldn’t find the one that worked for me and decided to build my own 😊.
Fatih Turan
Fatih Turan@fatihturan · UI Designer and Partner at Unicrow
I am trying the Finances app and Its looks like very simple app for money tracking. So I liked it. But if the owner/developer add "Recurring Income" feature (like "Recurring Expense") it would be very useful.
Marco Corti
Marco CortiMaker@mcorti
@fatihturan thanks Fatih! You can actually set a recurring income just by changing the recurrent transaction’s type by pressing the double arrow button in the keypad.
Fatih Turan
Fatih Turan@fatihturan · UI Designer and Partner at Unicrow
@overthemoonio Oh, thanks for the tip. :=)
Anton Eliasson
Anton Eliasson@antoneliasson · Director of Marketing @ Shakr
@overthemoonio Does it support sharing accounts with other people?
Marco Corti
Marco CortiMaker@mcorti
@antoneliasson no, it doesn’t, sorry.
Josh Werner
Josh Werner@jshwrnr · Web Developer
Looks awesome! You should add the ability to choose which currency you’re using.
Adli TAKKAL BATAILLE@adlitakkalbataille · 3.0 Humanist
Top idea, great !