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Thanks for noticing my project - i am the author. That was a bit unexpected, in good way of course. However i wish i had finished more examples and documentation and only then got posted here, but someone was first :) As for the pricing - for me personally, all the alternative hosted solutions where too expensive - by paying monthly subscription fee in a long term you still pay much more, than once buying any licence of FinalBoard . But i also listened to your opinion and already lowered the pricing. Currently working on finishing docs, navigation between multiple dashboards and real time charting examples. So please don't take this project as it is, you will get much more, for the price, once i will complete all the examples. Follow @FinalBoard on twitter and get notified once new examples and features will be released.
@KasparsSprogis @FinalBoard Looks good overall, but without docs very hard to say whether it really is. As somewhat that's looked at all boards pretty extensively, and find fault in all of them, I'm very curious to see if finalboard addresses the most glaring issues. The wording on the home has me somewhat concerned that creating a custom widget will be a manual, templated process similar to something like Geckoboard which I think is an unnecessary and complicated way to go. What I personally would really like is for a board to let you specify a REST call that returns JSON and then simply select the fields to display, and in what sort of widget. It would be able to handle all basic types, int, string, geo coordinates, and arrays of these types. Essentially field mapping to data, via some nice intuitive interface that allows for non-developers to create and add to their boards.The only board I've seen that does something even remotely like this is Freeboard, but its somewhat incomplete. Obviously, creating custom widgets via templates, etc. should still be possible, but I personally feel that should be a last resort and only in heavily specialized cases. Anyway that's my .02, feel free to reach out to me for a list of gripes from someone that's very interested in dashboards and frustrated with all of the current offerings, free or paid.
@asherraph Thanks for your thoughts. FinalBoard is even more like widget framework rather than just widgets and is more for developers, since you must edit real files. I don't want to go in too deep into technical details, but long story short - FinalBoard is made on AngularJS. In configuration for every widget you specify .html template and data provider - whether it is a remote JSON source or JavaScript function that does anything you want. On defined intervals data is provided to template where you can fill in whatever values you want just by using simple {{ data.value }} syntax. What my future plan is to make lot of ready to use widget examples for every need there is. But the biggest benefit is that you have full control over every widget and only imagination limits you. Please check website in a week and full docs will be there.
@asherraph Just wanted to let you know that documentation and also trial download are now available, if your are still interested.
pricing seems a little high
@acondurache at first I agreed because I thought it was SaaS - but it appears to be a one time fee to download the project. That makes it pretty affordable.