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Determine what score you need on your final exam 💯

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#3 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2018

Final Grade Calculator is a dead-simple calculator for finding out what you need to score on your final exams!

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Jordan Gonen
Jordan GonenMaker@jrdngonen · trying my best.
Hey PH! Final exams are coming up so we decided to make a dead-simple calculator to see what you will need to pass your classes. Hope you enjoy 😃 and good luck on finals!!
Julia L
Julia L@julia_l · Ukulele freestyler
Made with 😭 haha
Raj P Shah
Raj P Shah@rshah39 · Student. Entrepreneur. Ambitious
Hey guys excellent work on the idea,. Its unique and perfectly addresses the problem student including myself face having lost track of how my grades are calculated and how much efforts i need to put in for my final exam to make it out with good grades. Some quick feedback: the website is cool and simple, however if you guys could add some layers allowing students to calculate in terms of number grades/letter grades it would make it lot more attractive. Second, if you guys could allow students from schools with a different grading system to customize the calculator, it'd make it a lot popular. Third, the interface is simple but quite ambiguous too, I do not know whether the final weight should be in fractions or percentage or if the grades are out of 100 or less. great stuff! you make these changes and i feel you have something going on out there. All the Best!
Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Shahid@muhammad_shahid1 · Software Engineer
nice bro