Final Fantasy 7 iOS

Classic JRPG now available for iOS!

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I might pick this up while I wait for the FF VII Remake to launch... although I don't know if I can (SPOILER ALERT!) see watch Aeris die again. 😓
@rrhoover didn't realize you were a JRPG fan?
@to I used to kill my weekends and nights playing RPG's. Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Xenogears are a few of my favorites.
@rrhoover if chrono trigger came out on ios....dear god.
@johnnyquachy @rrhoover They released Chrono Trigger on iOS a few years ago. Actually, let me go hunt that... UPDATE: hunted
@rrhoover Super Mario RPG... Wow one of the best games I've ever played. So dynamic, enticing and amazing.
Bahamut Zero + Quadra Magic combo = dead phone battery by the time the animation is done
@p_ngu best comment ever. LOLOL
Kyee, did you actually play it? worth the $19?
@oykun tbh, you are better off with the PS3 version :) if you have the choice... great for people who don't though
@kyee gotta wait for the PS4 version then. I didn't play any in the series btw. I better do a good start on a good platform :)
So excited for this! Finally. Missed the chance to play this growing up.
Sadly hearing really bad things about this. Apparently it is a poor port with awkward features to try and solve controller problems. Nobody I know who has played it has said anything good about it. PS4 version should be worth it