Final 2.0

Credit card that helps tame subscriptions and conquer fraud

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Hey PH Community, We built Final out of our own frustration with our credit cards when they were hacked while we were backpacking Europe. Total effing pain. No easy way to get a new card shipped, poor customer service, and too much time spent remembering and replacing our card numbers everywhere they were saved. We spent the last 3.5 years building Final to be a better credit card experience for those looking for greater control and transparency and less hassle. No headache from breaches, lost or stolen cards and full control over unruly merchants and unexpected charges. It’s truly different from any credit card out there. We launched on PH with an idea almost 3 years ago at this point and got an overwhelming response. Now we’re live and accepting applications. For those of you who are fintech geeks, we’ve built the operations to be the processor, servicer, and program manager of the card product and have partnered with First Bank & Trust to issue the card. Final, a credit card built for the 21st century, featuring: Now available on iOS and Android Multiple plastic and unlimited virtual cards per account 1% cash back on every purchase Enhanced smart merchant locking and one-time use cards Card level purchase notifications can be toggled on or off Visa Signature benefits including purchase & return protection, auto collision damage, and concierge services Email and phone support based in Oakland, CA Give us a try and let us know what you think! Thanks for your support and feedback, Aaron
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Game changing hidden feature: One use case for Final that the company doesn't (can't?) highlight -- but, is GAME CHANGER -- is using it as a shared company card. People in my 50-person company always need to charge various expenses. Giving them my credit card number always turned into a nightmare as people took liberties with what they bought or didn't keep receipts. Asking people to expense a subscription or large purchase for the company seemed unfair. Final changed that -- it's the best company card ever! Now, when someone needs to use a company card to buy something, they slack our accounting manager who generates a one-time-use or one-vendor-use card number inside of Final. She sends that number back to them and we're good. If we need to cancel the subscription or if the vendor gets hacked, we just cancel and reissue. It means all expenses are tracked and managed, employees are happy, and my credit card number is no longer floating around. A few caveats: (1) this isn't a "corporate card" so, I'm backing it with my personal credit (but, that was the case for the old card, too). (2) Final doesn't have regulatory approval for a business card, which I think is why they're not marketing it as this. (3) Because this isn't a "corporate card" there aren't special corporate features like multiple-user logins or QuickBooks integration. We hacked around both of those. But, that's a small price to pay for this amazing functionality.
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@yoavlurie Just wait... Final for Business is coming, and it will be everything you've ever needed. Vendor locked cards, etc, etc. :)
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How is this different from ?
@theleovogel Seems Final is a credit card vs debit "Do you perform a credit check for new accounts? Is there any adverse impact on my credit score when I create a Privacy account? >> No, because we do not extend a line of credit. Virtual cards function like a regular debit card." Final also comes with a physical card
@theleovogel @imchrisdavis This is exactly correct. We give you a line of credit, a physical card, are shortly supporting Pay and things like We're looking to replace your entire banking relationship over time.
Great job, Aaron! I've been using this card since it's early beta stages and while a credit card will always just be a credit card - this is a great tool in addition to being "just a credit card". I was "all in" with a $59 annual fee, but now that it's free - it doesn't get better. Well, unless you make the card metal and make it 3% cash back! ;) Keep up the work, excited to help shape a great product like this, as a customer!
Solid product. Very useful online. I do wish there were a way to use it in the real world with a changing card number, especially for hotels or high tourist areas where my card seems to always get popped.