Fin is an on-demand personal assistant, now available to share with your whole team.

Fin enables your team to operate efficiently, handling the tasks you don't have time for and freeing you to focus on what's important.

Product Hunt users get their first 60 minutes of work free when you sign up + 60 free minutes for each team member you add! πŸš€

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I am curious to hear what the most common use cases are for Fin... every company I've ever worked for has had some person responsible for everything so wondering at what point companies start to leverage this service @dseeto @arian_agrawal @ian_briggs_carpenter @laura_almeida
Hey @abadesi! People love to use Fin for calendaring, scheduling, buying things online -- really anything you would ask a human assistant to do! Lots of people use Fin because they don't have an assistant at work, but many people who use Fin *are* those awesome assistants you mentioned, who need an extra set of hands :)
Outsourcing tasks for teams makes a ton of sense. We might be able to use this for a few community/moderation tasks at Product Hunt. Idea: What are your thoughts on turning this into an API, @lessin? For example, I could imagine "outsourcing" tasks directly from Trello or other task managers.
@rrhoover hah! yah i think you def could...and i would love to explore that with you... interesting you mention API :).... in fact very helpful you mention API for some internal discussions we have been having ;) -- if you are serious about wanting that would love to talk for a few about exactly what spec you want for it ... i have ideas, but helpful to hear from real users.
@lessin @rrhoover email is the universal API right now -- you can write a script to email your Fin assistant even before we have an 'official' POST api. Here is an example on github: I use this script to create tasks from Alfred on my mac