A card-to-card system for instant money transfers 💳 is a card-to-card system for instant money transfers in any currency, avoiding bank’s high fees and exchange rates.

Users only need to link their MasterCard cards to app and send money to each other instantly, as identifies the recipient's currency. No double currency conversion by the issuing bank. Fees are fully transparent

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I think this is really revolutionary because it is international and instant and very easy to use.
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Hi, how does this differ from other similar fintechs in this fields, e.g. revolut?
@valerioneri Thanks for the question. Revout is a great service for travelers, who want to spend money abroad, but they don't offer international instant money transfers. Revolut requires topping up an account, that means users have to create a new payment account and to use them, as an alternative to their bank. In addition to that only payments in EUR and only within EU are for free, transfers in other currencies or countries are done via SWIFT, which is costly and takes time. is not a bank or new payment account, we don't offer another payment card. is a platform allowing users to connect with each other by linking existing payment cards, the transfers are instant and irrevocable once authorized by the card network. Hope it helps))
Hey, very interesting product you got there. Are you using Master Card Cross Border Send API?
Wonderful! I wonder if cards issued in the Philippines are supported.
@welvinrc Unfortunately, banks in the Philippines are not supporting our technology. Hopefully, they will and will be able to support all cards issued there as well.
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With the fee, do people actually use services like this when Square, Venmo, Google Pay don't add fees?
@stewartjarod Does Google Play allow sending money between 2 bank cards?
@aleksandra_tytar I believe they are doing ACH transfers via debit cards somehow
@stewartjarod Actually, the mentioned service providers are offering solutions for the domestic money transfers in the same currency, whereas offers its cross border solution in any currency. is currently available in EU, Turkey, Kazakstan, Russia, Ukraine and hopefully soon will be available in USA, Canada.
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