Replace TV ads with more appropriate content

Filtrie let's you filter which ads you'd like to see on TV.

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Very cool concept! I hope you guys can get funding, it's a really cool project
I'd personally rather replace TV ads with Youtube videos or something more fun rather than different ads, but it sounds like a good start. I wonder if this is just as possible and Filtrie is going towards strong monetization model from them get-go, or if there's legal reasons behind them doing this.
Thanks everyone..... We'll also give users the ability to select content to go in place of TV ads you've told use to replace. So, instead of a Viagra ad, you could pick a 30-second content piece from your favorite motivational speaker, update on your MLB team, or select just the right public service announcement for your kids such as going into a STEM career. The whole point is that we make ad time, your time. Otherwise, we'll all keep recording shows so we can skip through ads. We have to put the viewer first, make ads and that time break engaging in order for those ads to be watched....and that will support the advertising model.