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Thanks Dan for hunting our product! We are very excited to release Filtr app. This product came to life because everyone on the team was very frustrated with the way our e-mail works, pushing us non-stop notifications and distracting us in the process, thus decreasing our productivity throughout the day. We believe that not all e-mails are created equal, and that only a few actually require our immediate attention. Filtr app helps you prioritize your e-mail by sender, with only 1 tap you tell the app if the sender is someone that requires your immediate attention -thus receiving the email as soon as they send it- or if maybe the e-mail is not as important and could be read sometime later -thus receiving it sometime in the day or week. At the moment our app only works for iPhone and for gmail accounts, we hope to roll it out to other platforms as soon as time allows. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the app, we appreciate every bit of feedback! Filtr Team
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@martin_dimov love the automated sign in and out. Nice evolution could be to program batch or other modes into the day. Lots of great UX taming email these days... now would be distracted can rely on slack!
@ggnall @martin_dimov Hi Graham, we are currently talking about the grouping options for e-mail. It seems that preferences are quite broad i.e. some people like to categorize by urgency, domain of the sender, social/professional groups, etc. We are also working on our UX, so we are hoping to update the app with a better flow. Will let you guys know when we have it ready!
Looking great, well done. Quick question: Is this a spin-off project from within ConvertKit or is it just complete coincidence that your logos nearly identical?
@gregjwww Hi Greg, this is just a coincidence! We hadn't realized it, but thanks for pointing it out. We are currently working on the next version, ensuring a better UX. Will post it as soon as we have it!
This app has revolutionized my email but has suddenly stopped working. I signed out and then couldn't sign in again giving me a google api error. Help!!!