Filters for iPhone

Transform your photos. 800+ filters and effects. Just 99¢.

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out Filters! I've been working on this app for about 18 months. I had some specific ideas about how a photo filter/effects app should look and feel and this is the result. The underlying technology is pretty interesting (if you're a geek like me!)... I have lots and lots of custom tooling to be able to "export" effects from Photoshop and Lightroom directly into my app as a filter that can be used very quickly so that's how I'm able to provide so many filters. I actually have a few thousand more sitting on my hard drive but I need to make the navigation UI a little more robust before I drop them into the app :)
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@flyosity Congrats Mike! Filters looks great. Adding so much value for .99 should really help this climb up the charts. What inspired you to make Filters after doing a news app? I used Interesting and like it's simplicity. Did you want to tackle something a bit more challenging technically?
@robjama Ha, it was a combination of things. For one, just like every other designer/dev, I thought all the other apps in the category could be improved in different ways and I had a specific viewpoint on how to do that from a design and experience standpoint. Secondly, and I mean no disrespect to other popular photo apps, but I didn't like that so many photo apps now nickel and dime customers with tiny filter packs. I wanted to have a different value proposition and thought that customers would appreciate it.
Mike is the man. I was lucky enough to try the beta out. It's amazing. So impressive that he designs and codes all of his apps!
Got the chance to beta test this for a while, definitely recommend you all get it!!
Amazing work—so much value in one app. Time to remove all the other (so-so) photo filter apps from my iPhone.
Reminds me of Priime which I LOVE (and was posted last week) - will definitely try this out too!
@bramk Hey Bram, thanks! I've been using Priime since it came out too (I buy every photo app out there!) and some core differences are that Filters shows you live previews of the filters and effects before you need to tap on them, and Filters has many more filters/effects than Priime but doesn't require in-app purchase to unlock them after the initial purchase. I love the photographer-focus of Priime so there's more than enough room in the Photo category for all of us!
@flyosity cool, I'm going to try it ;)
@bramk @flyosity Thanks guys! Congrats on the launch Mike, love all the transitions in particular, very smoothly done. Impressive also that you built Filters solo, these apps take a *lot* of work to do right.