Air Filters Delivered - When You Need Them

Brilliantly simple, yet useful product. Most people (myself included) rarely change their air filters, which is a terrible stress on your HVAC system and contributes to poor air quality in your house. The filters are made by Flanders which is one of the best (USA based) manufactures of filters and priced the same as what you would find at your local hardware store. Again, brilliantly simple.
Here's a $10 off discount link. We use this every three months on our house. Glad to not have to think about it. Can't wait till they expand to other kinds of filters.
If I didn't live in an old building that only had radiator heat I'd jump on this.
This feels like one of those, why didn't I think of that ideas! Air quality is an issue and I don't know anyone who changes these on time -- even if you buy them in bulk, who remembers to switch them or buy again in bulk when they run out. Curious to see how this does, other services like razors, etc have done well I believe -- don't know the numbers of course.