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Thank you @benln for the hunt :-) As a solo indie developer, I don't take it for granted. This app is really my baby. I poured a lot of love into it and have some big ideas in the works. I am certain that there is a change happening nowadays , where mobile users/photographers are starting to feel the itch to build their own style of photo looks. It is apparent if you only look at the tools that iOS got and the many additional editing tools on Instagram etc. People are not always satisfied with a "one click" filter scroll bar. My idea was to make advanced and engaging tools for users to do just that. But more than that,to let them easily save their own 'filters', re-use them anytime (even straight from the iOS Photos app), and.... oh yah, send any filter to anyone so they can use it too. With version 1.1.0 out now, I feel like I am getting very close to my goal. I would love for every user to feel the passion I feel about bending colour and creating a personal look on things. Enjoy Yair Kass :-)
@yairkass The app looks great! Did you actually think about it as a kind-of developer playground tool, too? It would be great if a filter could be exported in a way that other iOS developers could use the filter, too in their apps. Maybe the app could send an email with the filter values (you use the standard iOS SDK image filters?) or similar. Maybe that could also help you get featured by Apple or so since the development tools section is nearly non-existing in the App Store. Or do you see consumers as your only target group?
@skreutzb hey ;-) this is a good and intersting idea and would be easy to implement. I am nt using the standard iOS filters but that shouldn't be a problem. But users are more intersting for me now.
well, you can't receive a filter without having the app, BUT it's free so it's just a few clicks away. When you get a filter, it arrives as a link. Tapping this unique link, opens the app and automatically adds the new filter to your collection.
@yairkass Great , Good luck!
@benln your recent hunts are killing it. @yairkass nice to see your shift from the Girrafot band to making tech stuff, i was actually in many of your live shows. I dont have iOS but i would love to hear about the sharing options users have after they have created a new filter. how can the other side see my filter? as a picture file or must they have FilterBaker installed in order to open it?