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#2 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2014
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Great to see more people building things on top of Product Hunt. Filter News allows you to filter Product Hunt posts by who posted it, number of upvotes, number of comments, and keywords in the title (e.g. bitcoin, design, "uber for"). Well done, @ulsc.
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan, we were following Product Hunt for a while, that's a great resource. Me and my company, Progeek Software decided to filter the awesomeness to personalise the news here. We'll be so glad to hear any kinds of feedbacks to improve Filter News, thank you!
@ulsc nice one, can now keep track of new competition spawning
@par_ham that's a great use case. I'd like to add keyword-triggered notifications to Product Hunt. cc @hnshah
@rrhoover I think you can use elasticsearch percolator if algolia has a version of it
@par_ham thanks for the tip. I'll look into that, Parham.
Can we filter Hacker News for misogyny?
@maiab that also needs to be included in a spam filter.
I like the pocket integration
@will_lam we should add some more integrations for future versions I think, but since we want to keep the app free, we need some donations for that at first.
This looks a lot like The News - - which was posted on here a while ago. The filter thing is cool too. cc @tosinaf Edited: As misunderstood app features.
Is there going to be a web version of this? I'd use that.
@tzhongg sure, why not! Just not a priority for now, we need to develop Android, Windows Phone apps first. Then there may be a Chrome extension too!
@ulsc Sweeet! I currently use to see PH, HN, and DN all in one place but the UI/UX isn't that pleasing and there's no way to filter them.
@tzhongg could you tell me what filters do you want to apply to these news sources? We have some, but we want to improve them too.