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Looks a lot like Nuzzel (cc @abrams). I was going to sign-in via Twitter but when it asked for permissions to update my profile and post tweets on my behalf, I bailed. I rarely give applications permission to do that. πŸ˜•
Hey @rrhoover, Totally understand your concern re: permissions, but all that does is allow you to retweet/favorite/reply using Filter (Nuzzel, Flipboard, Feedly etc. have the same permissions request). We will certainly never spam your profile! Filter is similar to Nuzzel in the sense that we both rank articles by number of tweets. But whereas Nuzzel just shows you the most-tweeted articles among the people you follow, Filter shows you the most-tweeted articles in any community. If you have a passing interest in physics, for example, you may not know all the right people to follow on Twitter, yet Filter still makes it super easy to see what all the physicists are tweeting about.
@scholl_adam @rrhoover Not sure of the potential technical limitations, but would it be possible to sign in with read-only permissions for Twitter, and then switch the user over with a re-auth to read/write only if and when they wanted to do any action that required it?
@jameskoole @rrhoover That's a good idea. From what I've read, Twitter doesn't allow multiple permissions levels for users within the same Twitter app. That said, we could create two apps, one with read-only permissions for the initial authentication and another with read/write access for users who want to retweet/favorite/reply using Filter. I'll look into it. On a related note, we've been getting a great deal of feedback from people who want to use Filter, but aren't on Twitter and don't want to create Twitter accounts, so we're going to add email registration soon.
@jameskoole @rrhoover Just an update β€” I switched permissions to read-only. Users who retweet/favorite/reply do so through Twitter's "web intents" service which doesn't require us to have write access at all, so it works out.
Thank you @erictwillis! Filter shows you the most popular articles among various communities on Twitter. So if you're interested in dinosaurs, for example, Filter can show you the most-tweeted articles among a group of 1,000 paleontologists. Generally these are the most important articles about dinosaurs in a given day, but even when they're not they're still things paleontologists care about -- like job openings at paleo departments, or that we found a new species of ancient human. We have about 65 of these topics already (including one of 1,000 Product Hunters!) and are building more every day.
Hey Adam, Congrats! Love the webapp for it says what it does. Users might like an option to reorder the subject topics to move up or down depending on what news they want to see first. And the welcome pop up is a little annoying since it does not go away. You might wanna have a look at it.
@karthik2502 Thank you! We totally agree on both counts, and will fix 'em soon. We're also building a Front Page-type topic which combines the best of each topic you follow. (The tooltip does go away if you click the profile images to its right, but we'll add a Close soon).