Find the right analog film for you to shoot

Filmtypes is a website that helps photographers to educate themselves about the variety of analog film stocks by showing characteristics, photo examples, written & video reviews as well as providing a way to engage in discussions.
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Hey PH 👋 When I first got into film photography 📷, I had a hard time figuring out which film stocks I should shoot. The beauty of film is that each emulsion has its very own characteristics which make it stand apart from the others. While scrolling through endless blog articles and example photos on tumblr (which took me ages) I decided to aggregate the most useful data, pick the six most fitting example photos by hand (yes by hand 🤫) and create a place for you to easily explore the beautiful variety of analog film 🎞️. Let me know what you think!
This is an amazing product! Great alternative to discussion forums, and the idea of 'examples' by pulling images from Flickr is just awesome. At the first glance, it really looks like you have actual users uploading to your site. Very smart :) Looking forward to see where this project goes. Maybe you even could make it something community-driven—there's a lot of people going back to film photography and exploring the vintage tech :P
@erikfiala Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Indeed, there more and more people either going back to film or starting with it. I will definitely look more into the community aspect :) Good idea!
This is amazing, thanks for making it @sobedominik. Spent a bunch of time researching this stuff in the past and this makes it 100x easier. Keep it up!
@marty Thanks, appreciate it! Glad to save you some time 🙂
Thanks for creating this!!! But one thing, I have to set the filter every time I see the details and go back
@hazelsong2 thank you! I will fix it! 🐛
Awesome, makes me wat to get analog camera again.