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Jamie WilsonHunter@jmwlsn · Design Developer, Twilio
This looks like a huge time-saver when it comes to searching for good footage. They're clearly focusing on quality over quantity, but I'm still really impressed with the breadth of topics. And, crucially, the search and filter works really well . Great work guys! Any of the makers wanna jump in?
Andrew Nater@a_nater · Interface Designer
What makes this revolutionary? It looks very similar to Dissolve
Jamie WilsonHunter@jmwlsn · Design Developer, Twilio
@a_nater That's a good question. Would love to hear the team's thoughts on what sets Filmsupply apart.
William MeierMaker@williameier
@a_nater Hey Andrew! That is a great question :) Bit of backstory – our team has been serving filmmakers for the past five years through our sister company Musicbed. Through those relationships with filmmakers we've heard a lot about the time it can take to dig through stock catalogs to find quality and the amount of value stock companies place on filmmakers through their pricing. That said, our goal is to solve those two problems. We believe that by curating 100% cinematic catalog from day 1, and placing a high value on those filmmakers and their footage, we can help them continue to do what they love. Our team has also worked hard to design an intuitive search process through our assisted search feature ( so that filmmakers can find the right clip – fast. Our custom creative brief feature ( also allows people to tap into our talent of 200+ filmmakers to get any clip from around the world even if it’s not available in our library. Hope that answers your question, but if you have any others feel free to give me a shout! I'm Filmsupply's Community Manager and would love to help any way I can.
Andrew Del PreteMaker@andrewdelprete
@a_nater One of the things we're excited about is giving the end-user the ability to create licensing based upon their project's needs. It's not one license fits all, it's more specific licensing based upon a number of variables and needs. We help represent 200+ Filmmakers around the world so we can shoot custom footage based upon the user's needs. Clips are organized by Filmmaker -> Collection so the end-user can traverse the site in a manner where the Filmmaker's content is the main focus. Also, this may not be a difference, but our brand / application is built by Filmmakers for Filmmakers. We have people on our team very passionate about filmmaking and bring a lot of experience to the table.
Parker Agee@parkeragee · Software Engineer
Love the ease of use, but the prices seem high. $199 for a 15 second clip?
Jamie WilsonHunter@jmwlsn · Design Developer, Twilio
@parkeragee yeah, I guess it depends on your use case. In my experience, that's a really good price compared to anything custom. Plus, I like knowing that the filmmaker is actually making some money on it, too.
William MeierMaker@williameier
@parkeragee Hey Parker, first off thanks man. Glad to hear the site has been easy to navigate - I know the Dev team definitely appreciates that. As far as pricing goes, we represent some of the best filmmakers in the world and we want them to not only feel valued as a filmmaker for what they're creating, but also be able to continue to do what they love as an artist. Hope that helps and feel free to give me a shout if you have any other questions!