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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2016
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With my composer hat on, this is sad and disheartening on a number of levels. But with my Product Hunter/business person hat it is of course an inevitable and cool step toward the uncertain future. I think this is a good balance of convenience and control, and I know from experience that it will appeal to a vast audience of new filmmakers so I look forward to seeing how you guys (and Jukedeck and the others who will come) will establish a new and interesting business model. I just wish it didn't come at the expense of composers.
@mostlymarius Hey Marius. We hear you on the concerns for composers! We're on your page....Let me just say that we are rewarding our composers properly (unlike other music libraries who don't even pay upfront fees, or only advances, and then only share some royalty income, aka "writer's share"). As we use real working composers who are registered with PROs (performing rights organisations) we are legally bound to respect their work, both in terms of copyright and in terms of royalty income. That's the difference between a real production company and those that are only offering royalty free music! :)
@marcus_filmstro that's reassuring, Marcus, thank you for respecting your composers—it's appreciated!
As a filmmaker and videoeditor I'm really amazed and excited by this product! So many times I'm editing and I have some music/score in my mind and I can't find or don't have the time to find and place the right tracks. This looks like an amazing solution, even when (as I would do) you will find tracks or hire a composer anyway. As a "music intermediate" this could be a game changer. Congrats on the launch, I'm really curious to see where this will go.
This is a very promising product. It is no substitute for hiring a real live composer but you don't always need that. I do think the commercial use cost is a bit excessive on top of the $20 membership fee.
@lynnfredricks Hi Lynn. Thanks for the comment. The idea with the $19.99 monthly membership is to give amateur filmmakers a simple solution for all of their soundtrack / music needs. The membership covers: Youtube, Vimeo, Corporate in-house videos, personal website, corporate website, Wedding videos, Vimeo VOD and short films. For the Pro's, who go on to buy commercial licenses, we re-imburse the initial membership fees and then set up corporate accounts so that it's "one or the other", rather than an additional cost. 'Hope that makes sense! :)
For those of you who've made it to the bottom of these comments, head on over to filmstro and grab the first month free with code 'MAKEFILMMUSIC'
How do you aim to compete with the likes of Jukedeck? This seems a lot more 'hands-on' but the bigger market is probably for the 'hands-off' which is where Jukedeck can do wonders.
@bentossell Thanks for your question! ‘Hands off’ doesn’t excite us in the slightest. There’s nothing immediate, creative, fun, or musical in clicking a few buttons and waiting for a result to be spat out by a server. However, controlling a whole cinematic orchestra with your fingers (when using the iPad as the controller for our software) is amazing! :) Our product is aimed at those filmmakers who want to exert control in a creative way and take their edit to the next level. We are targeting iOS and Android filmmakers in subsequent releases on those platforms / devices, but for now, FilmstroPro’s market is implied in the name. Namely the Pros. TV production companies, creative agencies, marketing agencies and broadcasters are already using our BETA and editors, producers, directors and professional and semi-professional filmmakers are giving us incredibly positive feedback.
@marcus_filmstro @bentossell This is lots of fun to play with. How many songs are in the full library right now?