Gamified movie streaming that rewards you for rating movies

#5 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2019
Filmocracy is a gamified movie streaming site that rewards users for discovering amazing independent movies. Users earn virtual popcorn for watching and rating movies, which can be spent to upgrade their avatar, earn movie tickets, or redeem gift cards.
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Hi everyone, I’m Paul, one of the makers of Filmocracy. The story begins with my career as an international film executive 🎬. I was going to festivals all around the world (living that 😻 life) and watching amazing films, but never being able to convince my boss to take them up for distribution. Turns out, unless your movie has big actors or a big budget/IP, it's nearly impossible to get a distribution deal. With all of the huge corporations moving into media, I felt that there wasn't a proper place to showcase amazing independent films that very often get overlooked. In order to solve the problem, we built a gamified ratings system that rewards users for watching and rating movies. This allows us to sort through content that very often doesn't have any ratings or reviews online (and usually only friends and family ratings on IMDb). 🆓 Filmocracy is a free streaming platform supported by advertising and upgradeable to premium 🎞️ Our library if 1000+ movies is continuously growing and has films you won't find anywhere else 💹 Our leaderboard tracks the most active users and the most accurate with their ratings 💰 The top users share 10% of our revenue each month Happy Hunting! -Paul
@pauljun4 this is amazing. Awesome platform!
@kyle_mcelfresh You're amazing!
Been waiting for something like this
Whoa this is way sharper than I expected. Is that popcorn real or will that only be real once you officially launch?
@justin_chon all popcorn earned during beta will carry over into launch. So yes, it's real!
Great design, seems pretty straightforward. Appreciate that it's free considering how many streaming services I already pay for. Will it always be free?
@john_hodges2 It will always be free with ads!
Cool! Where do you get the movies from?
@nikkiantonio Film Festival partnerships, indie film distributors, other streaming platforms, and directly from filmmakers. Anyone can submit movies to us at and our team will review and see if it's a fit for the platform.