Filming Location Map

A simple way to discover what movies were filmed around you

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Only London?
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@eboy yeah super misleading tag line
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@eboy @itsthisjustin Sorry about this – it is going to be every major city. I am working on NY as we speak. It is a weekend project; I didn't expect to get this much attention in just 24 hours. I will need to redesign how data is being fetched and how it is being rendered. The next iteration will have movie clips from the specific scenes filmed at the location and allow people to start conversation about the location.
Great idea ! This can be collaborative don't you think ? Hope to see Toulouse soon 🙌
@valdecarpentrie Exactly that! There is no way I can maintain this on my own. The reddit community overwhelmed me with suggestions for new scenes and locations. At first I was adding them as the suggestions come through, but soon gave up as I realized there is no way to keep up. Before adding new cities, I will add a feature that allows people to sign up and contribute a description of the scene and new locations.
@valdecarpentrie @kuizinas Have a look at how Hoodmaps is crowdsourcing data: By the way, I like this a lot. I hope to see Sydney soon. What map are you using? Does not look like Google Maps.
@mikeswcho - look in the lower right on the page ;)
Nice idea! I would imagine myself traveling somewhere and your map would tell me what has been filmed, where exactly and how to get there 😄
Any way to contribute? I'm pretty sure a part of Harry Potter was filmed in Surbiton Station but I don't see that on the map.
I like the idea ! Would love to have this for Paris. May be the design could be simpler without the image of the various movies on the map ? Just an idea, but otherwise I really like your work