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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 05, 2020
Filma is a powerful and easy to use video editing app for iPad.
We believe that everyone can inspire others if they have access to a proper tool. You know your potential, we provide you the tool to easily release your creativity here and everywhere!
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Hi everyone! It has been almost a year when I was trying to make a video for my personal Youtube channel with my iPad and I couldn't find a good tool that would meet my needs. I'm an iOS developer and always loved to work with image and video edition. Having knowledge on both video editing and programming, I decided to start this amazing and challenging journey during this year. I started in January 2019 working on this side project on my spare time, appending around 3 extra hours to my normal work day routine. I work for a company as a software engineer and also work on Filma when I arrive home. This may look a bit exhausting, but it has been more fun than anything else, since it has been driven by my passion and motivation. The first version of the app was released early in the year with a few features and the aim of receiving feedback from the early users that were finding the app on the App Store organically (since I haven't done any marketing yet). After almost a year, I think that Filma is mature enough to deserve a post in Product Hunt. I'm really excited about showing the app to the world and see how it can help people on their video creations. Among many other features I’d like to highlight these: • Advanced video tools (green screen, masking, color grading, blend modes) • Multiple tracks (video, audio, images) • Set of built in FX, filters and more ready to go • Multiple adjustments (brightness, contrast, temperature, transformations) • Large set of amazing transitions • Multiple operations on clips (mix, cut, trim, duplicate, blend) • Import LUTs (.cube) files and adjust the intensity of them. • Append multiple adjustments as layers to the clips. • Overlays, text, stickers (images, gifs) and built in templates ready to be added. There is also a huge roadmap to include more exciting features based on AI, new trends and techniques that will definitely help the user create amazing videos everywhere and in no time. Check it out and I’d love to get some feedback 🙏:) Promo video: Miguel.
Hey Miguel, it looks super sleek and I like the simple, well-designed timeline approach. Are you planning to launch for Android as well?
Hi @asma_mohammed, thanks for your feedback! Yeah, since it's only me building it, for now just started it on one platform, but definitely would have an Android counterpart if everything evolves nicely :)
@miguel_ios I see. I hope it does span out perfectly and we get an android version as well. All the best
@asma_mohammed 🙏Thank you again 😊😊
Loved it ❣️🙏
@boringcuriosity Thank you 😊😊
Well designed product,easy to use product and i loved it,thanks for sharing this product
@shaik_ahamadjani Thank you for your feedback 😊😊
Awesome! I’m an iOS engineer and would like to learn how to built tools like this. What have been the most helpful resources to learn how to build video effects? Any books or sites you’d recommend? It seems like a big hill to climb.
@jamesmudgett Thank you for your comment ☺️☺️. The best source I've got is just Apple they have plenty of video, code examples and guides. Also there are some good tutorials from RayWenderlich about video editing. Hope this is helpful for you.