A fun and powerful 3D camera for iPhone 📸📱

FILM3D is a new way of bringing your photos to life with stunning 3D capture and beautiful, curated retro filters. We’ve taken the best of modern photo technology and combined it with new waves in the space of creative/computational photography to place the full power of a 3D camera right in your pocket at a fraction of the cost.

  • Pros: 

    Does what previously took hours to do in seconds


    minor bugs

    this app is changing photography world wide

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  • Pros: 

    Can make photos look 3D in seconds without having to spend hours using special editing software!


    bugs (but doesnt bother me)

    free app that gives u the option to upload the 3D images directly to your instagram in mp4 or gif format!!

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*Update* We are so excited about PH that we’ve decided to make all of our filters free for the day! 👋Hi Product Hunt! Thank you @robjama for the assist! Abdou from the FILM3D here. I’m super excited to show FILM3D to you all. FILM3D is a new photography app on the iPhone that will allow you to capture life’s memories in stereoscopic 3D within seconds. Mo and I (both 20 years old) were super tired and disappointed with the lengths that creatives had to go through to get a 3D photo that looked as good as the 80s hardware cameras, so 9 months ago we embarked on a journey to solve the problem! We’ve already seen some crazy usage of our app with celebrities such as Childish Gambino and Neta Alchimister! We are amped to hear your feedback and can’t wait to see the masterpieces you create with this app!
Great product, and a really cool team. Finally something simple to make beautiful and unique IG stories. What’s next guys ? 🔥
@julientoy Hey Julien thanks for the comment! Happy to hear you are enjoying FILM3D. Whats next you say? well just keep your eyes out !
Super cool app, best photo related app out there. Something everyone needs on their phone
Amazing app, has changed my life for the better