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Film Stack is a curated directory of tools & resources to help you make amazing videos. Whether your new to making videos or filmmaking is your jam, there's something here for every video project - Get inspired and create something awesome!
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Hey 👋 PH community! This is my first 🚀 launch on Product Hunt, and I’m excited to share Film Stack with you. Film Stack helps you 🔎 discover the best resources for making 🎥 amazing videos. ✅ Spend less time looking for tools & resources and more time creating your videos. ✅ Browse >100 different resources (with more being added each week) ✅ 18 Collections covering key areas of video production. I created Film Stack for one simple reason: spending time finding quality resources and tools to help make your videos is 😩 time-consuming​ and difficult, especially when you're on a tight budget. I’ve often found myself spending ⏳ hours and hours hunting for new places to find quality stock music, graphics or sources of inspiration. Over time I had built up a very large bookmark folder with all my go to tools and resources I’d curated. Inspired by the likes of Startup Stash and other curation sites - It felt natural to take those bookmarks and build out a new place where others could easily benefit and share these resources. Film Stack is a free resource to all and is updated regularly. I only add resources that I have personally investigated and truly feel would be useful to you in your projects. If you come across any resources on the website that you like, 👍🏼 please up-vote them! Know any great resources you think should be part of a Film Stack collection? Submit your resource 🙂 Thanks for checking out the site, I hope the resources can be useful to your video projects, but remember that the tools do not make the filmmaker 💪🏼!
Nice @mrblairfraser, bookmarked 👍️
Awesome 🙌🏼 @spekulatius1984 glad it's something you'll find to be useful.
Hey, cool collection of tools and stock. I have not seen an aggregation of tools for video before. I just submitted our tool VEED now ->
Thanks @sab8a :-) VEED looks great - I'll try it out.
Hey Blair! This looks cool... would be great if you could show how you might use some of these tools in conjunction with each other. From experience that's where I usually fail at making films and end up in a black hole googling this stuff. Any plans to do some 'how to's' as well as the index? :)
@thomas_harries Love that idea Tom, "This tool works well with..." Guides and how to tutorials are definitely something I'd​ like to add to the site.
Good work on this Blair!
Thanks @rafabehrens appreciate it 🙂
This is awesome! NIce one Blair!
Thanks @navid_gornall ❤️