Fill Your Pipeline

Useful tips & tricks to increase your sales results

I am so happy to share my free Ebook with you! I put a lot of effort to prepare (I hope) a useful content for all interested in sales (especially sales in SaaS). I also invited 6 specialists (from LinkedIn, Brand24, UxPin etc.) to join me in my project as I wanted it to be something special.t This Ebook sums up the years of my work in sales and discuss the following topics: 1. how to generate leads for free? - we will show you our top secret tools for that 2. why buying ready- made e-mail lists for Cold Emailing is a trap? 3. how to qualify leads? - we will help you ask 4 the most important questions you need to ask 4. what is Social Selling?- and how you can benefit from it 5. how to write powerful Cold Mails? - achieve satisfactory effects by taking into consideration 4 important trends 6. how to get ready for a phone call with a client? - what you can gain by beeing well prepared? I hope you will enjoy it p.s. Feedback would be cool – I am planning to write more in the future. p.s.2 Following interview gives the sneak peak about what this book is about:
@filip_duszczak1 great job on the ebook. That's 56 pages of solid, practical advice based on experience. I'd recommend this as a valuable resource for B2B companies, especially SaaS.