Filewatch 2.0

Find your public files, before someone else does

Connect your Google Drive account and scan your files and folders to see who can access them. Filewatch 2.0 is the result of valuable feedback from users. It provides more features and flexibility to better enable you to make sure your files and folders are only shared how you want them to be.
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Alex Cason
Software Developer at Rekatsu
After a promising launch, Filewatch 2.0 was driven by feedback from some extraordinarily helpful users. New features: - View all files and folders, even if they're not publicly available - enabling you to see who has access to every file and folder. - Files and folders are categorised by who has access to them, giving you a clear understanding of who can access what. - Filter by your access to the files and folders, so you can choose to see all files and folders, only those you can manage or only those owned by you. - Search by title to find a specific file or folder. - Choose whether to include trashed files and folders in your scan results. Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.