Backs up all your financial statements to your cloud account

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I'm super surprised not to find this having already been posted on Product Hunt; as I thought that I'd found it here. — Anyway, this is one of those AWESOME products that runs in the background and works without you noticing. Basically; you connect all your financial accounts (e.g. my Chase Bank Account; my Citi Credit Card; my PayPal account etc): and then it will file any statements/paperwork for them wherever you choose: It'll then neatly sort all those docs into a folder on your Cloud account.
Great Hunt @_jacksmith - this looks really useful. I'd love to hear if the makers plan on extending their offering to UK banks!
@riaface I think that their CMO actually seems to be a member on ProductHunt, so let's ask! cc: @filethiscompany
I just signed up, this looks incredible and as a heavy user of Cloud based storage in particular Evernote this could be really useful. I could certainly see paying for one of the premium plans once I see how it works and benefits me.
@robertwilliger tbh, I haven't had to pay yet and I have a tonne of credit cards and bank accounts and whatnot. You only have to pay if you're using more than 12 different connections (note if I have 3x credit cards with one provider, e.g. Chase, that only counts as 1 connection I think)
Fantastic when combined with Hazel. Grabs the file from them then filters by Account/Year/Month
@zaccoffman awesome! what's hazel?
@_jacksmith kickass automation for the Mac - Hazel