Easiest way to review & approve media contents with clients

#5 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2015
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Hi everyone. Filestage co-founder here ;-) Being media and marketing professionals ourselves, we ran into the problem of managing client reviews on an everyday basis. In most cases, we’d use email and a combination of other web services to exchange feedback on videos, images, audios or documents. But we’ve had this nagging feeling that there must be a great software to organize feedback. There wasn't. So we built Filestage. Filestage is an easy way to share, review and approve videos, audios, documents and images in the browser. Clients and co-workers just click and comment to give feedback. We kept Filestage as simple as Dropbox for file sharing and SoundCloud for commenting. Our vision is to be the easiest platform to manage file reviews with clients and co-workers. Forget about the feedback process itself and concentrate on the work you love. We can´t wait to hear your brutally honest feedback ;)
@niklas_dorn By the way, Filestage is absolutely free until the end of January 2016. Afterwards, it will always stay free until you choose a premium plan.
This looks fantastic for a recording studio. Sharing audio and getting feedback is always cumbersome. Word documents with time stamps isn't that intuitive. This would definitely help! Great product!
@gmgrimley Thanks for your kind feedback! I appreciate it!
Hey, guys! Nice to meet you here 😄 What do you plan to do next year?
Hi @mikhalyov! Nice to meet you and big compliments for! We've just got a large funding that enables us to work full power on new features. Our goal is to make Filestage the easiest way to manage reviews with clients and co-workers. We got lots of feedback from our users and built a large feature wishlist. So we have big plans for next year. Just to give some examples: + Support of more file types like Pdf and PowerPoint + Integrations to other software tools like Slack. Trello, Basecamp and Jira. + Some really cool secret features, we can’t announce yet. What are you plans? Best, Nik
@niklas_dorn tell us the story here :)
@bentossell many thanks for mentioning Filestage on Product Hunt! ;) We feel honored!
Great job on this. Will this have the ability to have various permission levels? For instance, clients, internal/external reviews between departments, etc?
@roydequina thank you! Actually we differ by team members and reviewers. We tried to keep it simple, but we'll soon optimize the permission levels to make it even smoother.