Easily convert files and videos between different formats is the easiest way to convert file between different formats. Whether you want to convert images to pdf's or .mov to .mp4 files, we've got you covered. Furthermore, it's completely free and the file limit is up to 1GB, so don't hold back!

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Joshua GosseChief Product Officer @
This is a great concept, however I think building this as a web app may have been the wrong approach. Why not have this run as a desktop application so the user doesn't have to upload a large file and then download it again? Also, I can see the 1GB file restriction being a real problem if you want to easily convert video files for users. Also a quick suggestion: Try detecting the file type of the input file automatically. The user should be able to drop in a PNG for example, and then give the user the possible options to convert the file to, such as a JPG, GIF, etc! Otherwise, a decent little tool.
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Bryan LinDeveloper at
@joshgosse definitely agree with automatic file detection and that it would be more useful as a desktop app. For large video files I personally would rather use FFmpeg or one of the many wrappers for FFmpeg. Also, Microsoft Office applications have an export feature that will convert files into PDFs for you so I can only see myself using this as a quick-and-dirty image converter.
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Mo Usman
@joshgosse Hey, thanks for the kind words. In regards to the 1GB limit, this product is mainly targeted towards those that may use the website to convert files once in a while and not as an everyday service, so we won't expect such users to have needs greater than 1GB. It's main aim is to act as a convenient service when needed and allows the user to convert files without downloading extra software.
Michael ParenteauHead of Design @ReifyHealth

Cool tool concept, but the background design of the landing page is a blatant rip off of landing page w/o any attribution at all. Given my views on art theft I don't even want to use it. As an artist myself, I understand that "everything is a remix" and that we are limited to human senses and things like physics... but one should focus on the keyword "remix" and attempt to take inspiration from others and actively change the work to make it their own.

The creator could have at least changed colors :/

See this gif to really get the picture:


neat concept


they ripped off design