Organize & manage your documents, photos and videos

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I'd love to be organised with all my docs, photos etc. (resolution? Nah) The thing I find difficult is that the current way of being organised seems clunky. Lots of creating folders, selecting numerous things to move to that folder, etc. This seems to do just that. If I were to go about being organised I feel like I can do this level or organisation already, although it may not all be through one app - but the same process is already there. It would be cool to try and tackle the clunkiness of organisation. See how users like to behave using apps, and incorporate that into how they can become organised. I feel that this is definitely a useful app, but only for those people currently happy about how they organise. I'd love to see something really intuitive come out in this field that would change my behaviour and finally allow me to be organised!
Myke J
Myke J@mykecheckonetwo
No app updates since 4/2015? Which means no support for iOS 9? Love this idea (especially if it came for Mac) but lack of app growth always pushes me away from products like this.
Bohdan Hernandez Navia
Bohdan Hernandez NaviaMaker@boherna · Founder @ Think Code Release
@mykecheckonetwo You're right, we haven't updated the app for a while because we've been busy releasing our other apps Contacts Pad and Contacts Board. However, we intend to release a new update for Files Board as soon as possible with support for iOS 9, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive and some new features based on user feedback.