Browser airdrop to send files to anyone, on any device

Tired of Airdrop only being for Apple devices? Tired of sharing links and getting people's emails for attachments? is a browser based file sharing made easy.

Automatically see everyone on your WiFi/Network and send files! Otherwise you can join the room from anywhere.

Don't worry we delete your files automatically afterwards too.

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What happens with
@jake_tran this is the new and updated successor. We've completely gutted the backend to make it more efficient, did a redesign, and added some new features like language and chat!
@jake_tran Haha I was having the same thoughts. Remembered something that look too similar to this. @decathect Could you describe what are some of these improvements to the backend? As a developer I am curious :D
@swiftpolar We've switched to multithreading and redis-socket so we can spin up more servers on the go to meet demand. The idea is that everything just hangs off the central redis server now. We've also added in rooms and the ability to join rooms. (eventually we will make private rooms and a login function)

It's a really useful product that's available for free!


Simple and intuitive, great design



🀩 genius ⭐️
Really clever idea. If it works well, it can be really useful! Looking forward giving it a try πŸ€“
We are looking forward to test this product πŸ˜€ Looks Awesome πŸ‘πŸΌ
@kjosephabraham Thank you! Let us know if you have any suggestions for features or run into any bugs.
@decathect Sure Tyler! Looking forward!