Filerobot Image Editor

Open source image editor plugin for any web project

Filerobot Image Editor is a free and open source plugin which allows you to easily implement image editing capabilities into your projects with JavaScript code. You can crop, resize, change orientation and apply a variety of filters or effects.
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Hello Product Hunters! We are happy to announce the launch of our newest image editor plugin. It is an easy-to-implement solution to provide enhanced image editing capabilities in your projects. This plugin is free and open source. Feel free to use it! It is a part of a full-scale digital asset management solution called Filerobot ( which allows you to manage all your digital media (images, videos, audio and other static files) in one place by: - storing (reverse CDN upload) - processing (resizing, conversion, auto-tagging and many more...) - compressing - delivering lightning fast through Filerobot CDN If you need to enhance the free plugin capabilities with the Filerobot storage and delivery, we offer you a 14-days trial. We are excited to help you with this solution. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. The plugin can also be used with our image optimisation and delivery service: Cloudimage. Filerobot team
What's on the Roadmap for the near future: Features ⁃ Control image brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation ⁃ Bright theme, plus possibility to make your custom theme ⁃ Rounds the corners of images ⁃ Mirror images effect ⁃ New filters and effects ⁃ Load file objects and dataURLs ⁃ Transform input images to other image formats ⁃ Easily integrate with third party libraries ⁃ Compress JPEG images (Optipress) ⁃ Set to preview mode to render on top of an existing image Adapters ⁃ Vanilla JS (done) ⁃ React (done) ⁃ Angular ⁃ Vue ⁃ Web Component