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Giovanni Collazo
Giovanni Collazo@gcollazo · Co-founder, Blimp
I'm one of the people behind FilePreviews, please feel free to ask anything. We look forward to your feedback.
Mark Abramson
Mark Abramson@mark__a · I print on things
@gcollazo great service, actually have a story on the backlog for creating some preview images (PDF to PNG or JPG). When you say, "we have a RESTful API that can alert your server when we are done generating your previews," how long does it take to generate a preview from the service, file transfer notwithstanding? You list so many file types, what's the sweet spot in terms of use cases or ideal customer application in your mind?
Giovanni Collazo
Giovanni Collazo@gcollazo · Co-founder, Blimp
@mark__a In most common situations a preview will take a about 1 to 3 seconds from you calling our api to your server getting a webhook. This time can vary a lot depending on the options and file types you choose. The ideal use case is people building file manager type apps or mobile apps that need to display file previews (mail) but don't want to get into the details of reading a lot of formats and a PNG will just work. Another interesting use case is people trying to index files, because we can extract text via OCR and other methods. We also generate image hashes that work for implementing "find similar images" feature. Soon we'll do face extraction and a few other cool things.