Uploads anything you throw at it

FilePond, a JavaScript library that can handle any file you throw at it.

Easy to set up, optimises images for faster uploads, can be extended with plugins, and offers a silky smooth user experience.

View the development history by following the FilePond on WIP link below.

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Hi everyone! I'm Rik, the developer behind FilePond. I've been working on FilePond for the past year, super excited to finally launch! Also terrified 😱 For the past couple years I've been trying to make a living off selling JavaScript plugins on Envato. The time has come to stand on my own legs. Moving out of Envato will give me a lot more flexibility in how I offer my products to my customers. At the same time, it will be a lot more difficult to reach my customers. Oh no! Having released a file-upload and image-manipulation product before (Slim Image Cropper) I wanted to take its successor to the next level. I'd received a lot of customer feedback and decided to put all those learnings in FilePond. To capture as much customer feedback as possible, without building a Swiss army knife, I've made FilePonds core logic handle the uploading, loading and displaying of files. You can then stack plugins on top to add extra functionality like file validation, rendering different views, and image processing πŸ–Ό I wanted FilePond to offer a near-native experience. To achieve this it would require seamless animations and very careful timing of file manipulation (it's quite CPU heavy, even when using web workers). FilePond has its own "render engine" that renders the UI without layout trashing and can queue CPU heavy file operations to wait till the UI is idle. It's super fast and results in very smooth and continuous animations. As FilePond is written in plain JavaScript it's framework agnostic. To make integration with frameworks easier I'm planning to build React, Vue, and Angular wrappers in the near future. Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions! I'll be here all day 😊 FilePond is free for private and open source use, if you want to use it in a commercial product, you can use the code PHLAUNCH to get a 15% discount! // UPDATE I've moved FilePond to the MIT license. So it's now free for commercial use.
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@rikschennink Looks beaut 😍
@rikschennink Congrats on the launch. Found out about this on IH, and came over here to check it out. Looks beautiful.
@geetfun Thanks Simon!
@rikschennink congratulations! Everything looks sooo great, you put a lot of thought into it.
This looks sweeet and I think perfect for an upcoming project/product of mine πŸ‘
@adammydesign Thanks! Let me know when you get started, happy to help out if you have any questions. Good luck with your project, Adam!
@rikschennink Thanks Rik, great job.
This is probably the most polished and well documented plugin I've ever seen. Great work, Rik!
@pugson Thank you, awesome you took a look at the docs as well. It's based on Cupper and accessible documentation "generator" >
Damn this looks great, well done Rik! Love the landing page btw.
@rikschennink This looks really beautiful and the documentation looks very slick. Do you have any documentation on how you could use filepond to upload the file direct to S3?
@paulcsmith Hi Paul! I currently have not, I'll see if I can get something online soon. Would love to release some default snippets for different cloud solutions. The FilePond upload function can be configured to the function level, which basically means you can handle the whole upload yourself while using callbacks to update the FilePond interface. This way it can connect to everything.
@rikschennink Very cool. Thanks for the fast response, and wonderful work on the product!