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Neeraj Baid
Neeraj BaidMakerHiring@2neeraj · iOS at Robinhood
Hey PH! We are enabling private and much faster P2P file transfer over the web. By using web protocol WebRTC, we eliminate the slow and costly initial upload step traditionally required when sharing files via Dropbox/CloudApp/etc. For most files, this is a big deal. Instead of first sending the file to an external server, the sender immediately gets a link they can distribute. And when a recipient clicks it, they connect directly to the sender’s computer to complete the download, eliminating the server middleman. Because the file is never actually saved on, or even touches, our servers, the transfer is incredibly private and secure.
Alex Kern
Alex KernMaker@kerncancode · hacker // crypto @ Coinbase
@2neeraj pull requests are welcome!
ben Watanabe
ben WatanabeHiring@benwtnb · 96 Problems
Going to have to make a couple pizzas using your url recipes! …pizza/peppers-zucchini-turkey-brie …pizza/tuna-venison-avocado-beans …pizza/dill-fungi-colby-spinach Great easter egg. Makes me curious how many 4 topping pizzas there are possible. Had no idea that .pizza was actually a domain.
Steven Buccini
Steven Buccini@stevenbuccini
Does not actually have anything to do with pizza, hunger still present, flagged for misleading title.
Marko Vuletic
Marko Vuletic@markoxvee
It blows my mind how simple and easy to use this product is! So cool!
Neeraj Baid
Neeraj BaidMakerHiring@2neeraj · iOS at Robinhood
@xzarexhc Thank you!
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
@2neeraj @kerncancode what made you guys want to build this product?
Neeraj Baid
Neeraj BaidMakerHiring@2neeraj · iOS at Robinhood
@tzhongg We think it's ridiculous how difficult it can be to send someone a file, even in 2015. Kern and I believe this xkcd comic sums it up quite nicely :)