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#4 Product of the DayJune 26, 2015
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This awesome app made by Sergey (@mymixapps) has saved me a lot of time already! It doesn't interupt with your workflow and makes a lot of tasks you do go faster, he can explain more :)
It's great to see 1 more great app from Ukraine! Thanks.
@ua_philka Cheers for the kind words, Julia! :-)
Just bought and installed. Took 30 seconds to install. Simple approval for file access. :-) One immediate addition I would like is 'tool tips' when I hover over the icons that appear. Although the icons look lovely I'm not entirely sure what some of them will do. I know that you have a 'cheat sheet' with icons, but I don't want to keep referring to that. I'll let you know more as I use it :-)
@prattarazzi Thanks for your comment Eddie! Yeah, file access thing is needed because of the Sandbox environment, Apple asks from us. Similar dialogue will pop up for some other new locations, like external drives, for example.. Tool tips should be there for 90% of the icons, I've added those in the recent update. Will double check if they work properly :-) You can also click on the menu bar icon, then click on the "i" info button in the right bottom corner and it'll show you a hint image, describing what those buttons. stand for. Will be happy to hear any other feature suggestions either here or at Enjoy your day!
@mymixapps @prattarazzi Thanks Sergii. There may be a little bug in the tool tips appearing, especially in the main panel of 9 icons after dragging the file. I've just seen 1 tip appear, but it's inconsistent between uses and sometimes they never appear for that panel. Enjoying trying it out :-) I like the ability to copy the file path to the clipboard! Looking forwards to exploring the other features.
@mymixapps @prattarazzi This app is very useful. If the tooltips could just instantly pop up, then it would be perfect. Not sure if that was the intention with the tooltips, but it's not working like that now.
@blainehatab @prattarazzi On it. ;) Hopefully will release a quick update tonight.
@mymixapps @prattarazzi Totes would love to see the tool-tips. Currently got 1 to show up 1 time.
Thanks for hunting @bramk :) Greetings from Ukraine Product Hunters! I’ve always wanted a tool to help me manage files, edit and share images, post to social media on the fly. If you’re like me - looking for some new software experience, which will eventually boost your workflows? I'm excited to share it with you! FilePane is a small, versatile utility with clean, minimalist UI. It helps you save time for your family, friends, pet or video game and be able to: - crop, rotate, resize, convert, compress images on the fly; - share content (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Airdrop); - set, store desktop pictures; - quickly copy/move files to your custom popular destinations; - copy file size or path to clipboard; - see word and glyph count and various other handy options for highlighted text; - converting Text documents to PDF; - create new Folders, RTF, TXT, Excel and Word files, where you need them Every single action is just one-two clicks away! FilePane lives in your menu bar and is totally unobtrusive until you actually need it. Just try to drag-and-drop some file, text or image from any other app … I would love to get your feedback, you can download a trial version of the app from my website. FilePane is -25% OFF this week for everyone. PS. I've posted an informative, 5 min read, article on Medium some time ago. It tells about some of the FilePane's background, how this idea came to mind and see it in action. Some screenshots reflect UI of an earlier version, so hope looking at it will not ruin your day :-)
A very cool app. Love the ease of use for everyday tasks like changing the dimensions of an image. If you could add the ability to add text overlays and things like highlights and arrows to images, it would be a total killer app. I tend to fire up Photoshop for this kind of stuff, which is total overkill.
@bopfger Thanks Boris. Both basic annotation and drawing are already in the to-do list. So, moving it closer to the top! Actually, opening Photoshop being an overkill, has been one of my motivations to create FilePane. Basically, I created it for myself at some point and now decided to share it with the world. Cheers!