FileApp by Pipl

Pull users' missing data straight to your spreadsheet

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Hi Guys, We're giving away $50 vouchers to FileApp for PH users. Contact me on Twitter @billyattar if you want to get one.
We'd love user feedback, especially from any of the professional marketers out there. Let us know what you think!
Hey Pipl People, I am late to the party here tonight. Spreadsheet interface works for small sales batch runs or short lists. Looks easy to use--I didn't have a chance to try it. I assume you can choose which fields Pipl populates? Where does Pipll's data come from -- think you have your own database? Volume discounts?
@kkdub Hi Kelly, you can actually upload files up to 100mb to FileApp, including zip files, so lists can get to the millions of records - we also have an API ( for bigger projects. You get to choose exactly which data types you want (emails, social profiles, job titles, etc.) . As for our data - we're one of the biggest people data companies around with more than 2 billion profiles/10 billion records - but all of the data is from publicly available sources. There are volume discounts - you can get in touch with my on Twitter (@billyattar) or just submit our contact form ( and we'll get in touch with you right away.
Why not piggy back upon Google Sheets and use it for storage + spreadsheets? Could automate the delivery a bit that way as well.
@itsthisjustin Hi Justin, we totally agree and it's on the roadmap