Filament Pro


Blog analytics that tell you what to write & where to share


William Harris
@wmharris101 · VP of Marketing & Growth
I've been using them for about a year now for 5 different website I run - it is honestly the easiest (and best) solution out there. I love products that just work :)
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Since their launch last year Filament have pivoted to focus on helping blogs make sense of their analytics, with this launch! @king_jaffy @shawntleslie @dtchuck @kynatro - tell us what caused the pivot? @sujanpatel said he's been using this, what is your favourite part of the new platform?
Sol Orwell
@sol_orwell · Director, Enthropia Inc
Nice. Always worth paying for something that makes your life easier.
Andrea Hill
@afhill · Founder, Frameplay Consulting LLC
Sweet, look forward to checking it out, just installed it on a couple sites
Florin Muresan
@florin_muresan · Mentor and Speaker at Startup Events.
I've actually been trying this out for one of our Agency's customers, as he told us this tool would help us make better sense of what is going on, and I'm seeing a lot of potential. The best part is that I got in touch with the people behind this, and they're very responsive to feedback, so most probably this will all shape up to be a great tool. It helps … See more