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William Harris — VP of Marketing & Growth
I've been using them for about a year now for 5 different website I run - it is honestly the easiest (and best) solution out there. I love products that just work :)
Jason Amunwa — Product Director, Digital Telepathy
@wmharris101 Your kind words, William: we appreciate them =)
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Since their launch last year Filament have pivoted to focus on helping blogs make sense of their analytics, with this launch!

@king_jaffy @shawntleslie @dtchuck @kynatro - tell us what caused the pivot?

@sujanpatel said he's been using this, what is your favourite part of the new platform?
Fırat Demirel — Senior Writer & Analyst @Webrazzi
@bentossell hey Ben,

Filament Pro seems really great and i want to tell you about which is acquired by Google in 2011.

I was really a fan of Postrank and i hope Filament can success more than Postrank. :)

ps: does not respond.
Jason Amunwa — Product Director, Digital Telepathy
@bentossell Thanks for hunting us, Ben! =) It's kind of a long story, (I just posted the full story here:, but in short, we've always wanted to make the whole web better with our products. After we built Flare, the social sharing bar, we realized that although we're providing value by building tools that help folks get their content shared, for example, if we could teach people how to create better content in the first place, it'd have a far greater beneficial impact on the web overall!

We've always personally struggled with getting clear, actionable insights from our own analytics, and so we decided to try solving our own problem, and figuring out how to clearly and quickly communicate what's actually happening on our blog.

If anyone has any questions about our approach, or even analytics in general, hit me up here, I'd love to hear from you!
Jason Amunwa — Product Director, Digital Telepathy
@firatdemirel @bentossell Thanks Firat! Shoot me a note at, and I'll get you sorted out.
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