A social coffee journal

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Lovely concept. Always been a fan of social coffee. Or any other coffee, come to think of it. The social drinking is not as much as it used to be, but very curious to see if Fika can change all that.
@t55 thanks Ton! Fika was created for both coffee and community. We want to change the perception of coffee. It is often viewed as a commodity, but it is truly a luxury good worthy of connoisseurship. Every coffee you drink is an experience, and an experience best shared in community. That's why we created Fika! A coffee journal wasn't enough - we wanted to bring coffee consumers together.
Cool idea! :D @samuel_reilly Sam, you might want to rebrand in case you wanna launch in Italy. (Google "Figa", which is pronounced almost the same way in Italian) :p
@nicolasegosum ha!! Well we are launching globally, so I imagine there will be some awkward conversations in Italy! Anything for coffee though, I hope!