A beautiful World Cup tool that lets you set your own lineup

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For those with World Cup fever and a hankering for taking things into your own hands, this app where you become the coach of your favorite team is the jam. I think the design details are really impressive, would be cool if you could actually simulate the whole tourney, but even on its own it's worth a look.
Thanks a lot for your words and for sharing this here, Brian. For sure we could do a much better work, but this is/was a side-project so our time & money was and is quite limited. Important to say is that this small tool we made doesn't represent what the whole Fiiinta project/platform will be all about. This was made in just 10 days, not working full-time on it. Fiiinta project is much more than this (but still in 'secret'), this was just made for fun. We're pretty much looking forward to receive as much feedback as possible about Fiiinta World Cup! Again, thank you!