Animation tooling right in Figma

Figmotion is an animation tool built right in Figma. This makes the entry into animation easier and more convenient as there is no need to switch to a completely separate motion tool such as Principle, Haiku or After Effects.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Any tutorials on how to use the JSON export? I was hoping I could just throw it into Lottie and it would just work but sadly not :(
@harry_aldian Sorry for the late answer, only just saw the comment. At this time the JSON export is mostly a reference to your developers so they have a good understanding of how the animation is created (better than just guessing from a visual). It has been requested to create a runtime for the JSON export but that is something for later.
@liammartens this would incredibly helpful! Looking forward to it, congrats for the plugin, thank you!
wow I'm just on emotions
Fantastic plugin, now I don't waste time on recreation elements to make an easy interaction in AE, and built-in feature to render in gif with Loop/No Loop feature is working just great! Figmotion save me a lot of time. Would be great if there was an option to change the position of more then one keyframe at a time, other then that, all work right.
I just found, that Figmotion renders a transparent gifs 😍
@bariilich will definitely be looking into moving multiple keyframes at a time etc
Hey guys As a Figma user I have struggled with animations for a while as the integration with third party animation tools has been quite scarce or inconvenient. This is why I have created Figmotion, an animation tool built straight into Figma using their newly released plugin functionality. This is the first time designers will be able to create animations without ever even leaving Figma making the process much more convenient. As this is the first public release of Figmotion, I would love to hear your suggestions, feedback and comments. Be sure to tweet your animations at me using #figmotion, I would love to see all the amazing stuff you guys come up with! Happy animating!
I've had a change to test the plugin within the beta period and I was seriously impressed! The interface is very similar to what you would find in After Effects and similar products. Once given a little bit more control over the video output, I could see it as a real competition to other established apps.
@rojcyk I am definitely planning to get it to a stage where Figma really is all you will ever need 😄