Figment VR

A virtual reality viewer built into an iPhone case

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Their is a certain physicality to the pop-open that sells this design, the basic inertial transformation. Reminds me of the sidekick flip among others. I wonder how the illusion of immersion is damaged by the lack of side blinders.
@jmacias That was my exact thought (side blinders) love the motion though.
@jmacias - The sidekick was one my favorite device prior to the rise of Androids & iPhones. Our ME team took a lot of extra efforts to create a smooth & linear torque opening motion. Below is an exploded view of the design:
This is super cool. I have no idea if this thing is comparable to an enclosed headset (like cardboard) but it seems like a great start to making VR accessible and appealing to people who don't want to look like a doofus.
Beautiful engineered device, but how this could be immersive if both eyes looking at the same display? Shouldn't there be a blinder split the two eyes?
@allan_jiang VR content for Oculus-type devices is set up as a split screen with left and right eye content. No need to have a blinder because the lenses are each focused on one half of the screen.
@kepano @allan_jiang each frame is rendered in stereoscopic view. the detail info of the cardboard SDK can be reviewed here:
Love the idea. VR definitely needs broader awareness, and this could help make demoing it much easier. My questions are: 1. What is the best VR content on iOS currently? Are there good demoable apps already? 2. The form-factor for iPhones will likely change with next year's model. Would love to back the campaign but wish I could just wait to get the iPhone 7 version.
@kepano Theres a few good VR apps. My favourite being Google Street View and Vrse