Figment AR is an app for creating imaginative scenes in your world. Users can place emoji, animals and other playful objects around them, create “portals” to step into other dimensions, and add effects like snow, fireworks and more. Share these moments with friends to bring these figments of your imagination to life.

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Hi PH, Danny from the Figment team here. We are very excited about the potential of AR and built Figment to show how AR can make life more fun. From adding something playful to a boring meeting or creating an alternative dimension in a park, Figment is an augmented funhouse. You can share these moments with friends to bring these figments of your imagination to life. Some Pro Tips: Objects - you can add multiple objects by tapping multiple times. Portals - give yourself a little room so you don't run into anything/anyone trying to enter the portals (also try adding your own photo using the + in the top right context menu) Effects/Filter - look up to see the fireworks effect Save/Share - record video or take screenshots. Save and/or share from the preview screen. Stacking - add objects, portals and effects/filters all together to really get some creative scenes. Would love to get feedback from the community and happy to answer any questions!!!
Nice job! Looks very cool, hope to see even more apps launched in the AppStore with it soon.
I agree with @hakobyan_ash great job developers :)

a beginning




interactive data

Hi Udi, thanks for the review. Could you expand a bit on the interactive data comment? I think I know what you mean, but wanted to make sure. You can also email me directly at with your thoughts. Definitely, as you stated, this is just the beginning, and we have a lot more on the product roadmap we want to ship to users.

Lacks some tutorial on start and crashes on iPhone 6, e.g. when placing a dog object anywhere


idea seems great


lacks some tutorial

Hi Damian, sorry about the crashes. ARKit works on iPhones with A9 chips and higher, which means iPhone 6s and later devices. We have an update waiting for review in the app store that restricts devices that are not compatible. Sorry for the confusion. But hopefully when you get your iPhone 8 or X you will give Figment another chance.