Figma Super Tidy

Figma plugin to easily align, rename and reorder your frames

Super Tidy renames your frames and reorders them in the layers list by their position in the canvas. It also replicates the Figma Tidy feature so you can run it all at once: Rename, Reorder and Tidy.
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Ismael González
Product Designer with front-end skills.
Hey hunters, I'm Ismael, a designer from Spain with coding skills who loves to build tools. This time i've created Super Tidy, a plugin that helps you deal with some of your daily routines while designing in Figma. Super Tidy helps you organize your frames by their canvas position, so you can rename, reorder in the layers list and align them in the canvas in one click. Please share your suggestions, feedback and comments! --- In case you are wondering, the code of the plugin is open source and publicly available: Hope you like it!
Hi Ismael! Thank for your work, your plugin is awesome for little tidy freaks like me hauah I'm having trouble though to reorganize the frames in the canvas by the order on the layers list. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know, but by your demonstration above it should work. Send help please ahiuahiuaauha
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