Figma Mobile Upload

Snap a photo, drop it in Figma.

This new Figma Plugin lets you take photos with any phone and drop them directly in your Figma file.
Great for collaborating on notebook sketches or whiteboard brainstorming sessions.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone! I really hope you enjoy this new Figma plugin! The point of it is to reduce the friction in getting analog sketches and thoughts into Figma, so that remote teams can more easily collaborate in the messy early stages (vs. waiting for more formal wireframes). Over the past month, I put a ton of work into making it as smooth an experience as possible (using QR codes in a genuinely useful way!) I'd love to hear what you think :)
@notdetails Excited to see you still making the dope stuff!
+1 iPadOS support pretty please
I wonder if there's a way you could just login to your figma account on the app, select a document and page and just mass upload or shoot pictures. Would save the hassle of scanning the QR and would allow for uploading when on the go πŸ‘Œ
@notdetails Super useful, checked it and it works very nice.
Yes!!!! This is amazing! Thanks a lot Joel for putting this out into the world! Makes it so easy to upload wireframe sketches and share with teammates