Figma Handoff

A Figma handoff tool, generate design mark for developers.

Figma Handoff is a design handoff tool that can help you delivery design mark to developers.
It supports:
- View size, distance and design properties.
- Mark settings for different platforms.
- Offline design mark exporting.
- Images exporting.
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Hey all, It's my first time to post my work at Producthunt. Figma is a great design tool! I've been use Figma for a long time and it has saved lot of my time. In China there are more and more people who are using Figma, but it's a bit slow for us. I always hear some developers' complaint about it so I want to make a tool to solve this. After polishing it for several months Figma handoff is now available for everyone. Have a try if you are interested and feel free to give me some suggestions in GitHub. Try it: GitHub:
Damn cool bro 👍
Awesome !
Really cool man!