Figma Font Replacer

Plugin to handle your font families and styles in Figma

Want to try out this fancy new font in your Figma designs? Or lost control of your fonts?
Font Replacer gives you an overview of the font families and styles that you used all in your designs. Simply pick the old font and replace it with the new font. Done.
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Hey, hunters! I'm Kristin Baumann and I love the intersection of Frontend Development, Design and Product Management. The Figma Plugin API was just announced at the beginning of this month. I immediately knew that I want to contribute and solve own of my own problems. Or actually two problems. First, I wanted to have an overview of all the fonts I use throughout my designs. Especially when I start designing from scratch I play around a lot with the fonts and start to loose the overview. So this plugin lists all the font families and styles of the layers that you selected. But then I need to clean up the font mess manually. Selecting all the layers after each other and picking the right font and style just sucks. So with this plugin you can select one or more existing fonts and set the new font with just a few clicks. Hope you like it and that it speeds up your workflow as well! Looking forward to your thoughts, suggestions and comments!
Dima Braven
Founder & Designer at
Cool. Will try it with my team
Kasia HoffmanDevOps, Kubernetes & Rails at Cloud 66
So Figma is like interactive Sketch - that easily allows you to work on the design in a team. Quite a nice user interface. Great work guys!
It's great but could be better! Add a search function on the "Select New Font" dialogue. Scrolling 1000s of fonts is way too time consuming, specially if you font name starts with characters at the end of the alphabet.
@geirases Is there some way to just turn off all the hundreds of Google fonts and just have the ones your company uses?
@chris_raymond, I couldn't find a solution using this plugin, it's simply bad UX or a very very basic first version. Since this plugin didn't solve my problem of easily switch fonts, I am using "Similayer" which lets you select layers based on a specific attribute of your choice, in this case being font-family. And once you have all layers selected, it's just a matter of selecting the new font on the Figma dropdown or other font plugins like "Better Font Picker" or "Quicker Font Switcher".
@geirases thanks for the plug in tips! I discovered there is a setting in Figma to not display Google fonts so that's a help, too!
Remi DuvouxEntrepreneur. Maker of
@geirases thanks for this comment, very useful and much appreciated. Just used Similayer and was perfectly adapted to my use case. Cheers.