A free and easy to follow 7 day email course on learning the basics of Figma.

Get familiar with one of the design industry’s newest and most lightweight tools! Learn everything from the interface and its tools, to how to create your very own presentable prototype 🖥️

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Harish Venkatesan
Co-founder/CEO @ Designlab
Hey Product Hunt 👋 Harish here, one of the co-founders of Designlab. We’re an online design school that teaches UI/UX through mentor-led courses. Following up on our two other free email courses that we’ve released, we’re happy to announce that today, we’re launching Figma 101! You all really like email courses ❤️📩 Yes, yes we do. We recently surveyed our email list and found out that (free) tutorials were by far the most requested type of content. We want to make sure we give our audience what they want…plus Figma is a great option for our new design students since it allows them to collaborate directly with their mentors, without downloading any software. We’re also including freebies again like hotkey cheat sheets, pre-designed templates, and more! So why an email course again? 🤔 We’ve found that written tutorial courses allow students more time to follow along and engage with the curriculum. We also supplement our written instructions with things like GIFs and annotated screenshots, so students always have something dynamic to help guide them through the course. So what’s the next email course? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ We’ve got a few ideas on a couple of other tools we want to teach our students, but we’re always open to suggestions! Regardless of teaching software or not, we’re definitely going to keep releasing free & highly actionable content like this to our students. Wait! One more thing ☝️ We’re also doing a giveaway for a free Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet! For every friend who signs up for our free Figma course through your custom URL, you’ll earn an extra entry into our drawing. The more people you referred, the more chances to win 😄 Thanks again for checking us out, hope you enjoy! ✨✨
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