Interactive fitness-boxing classes, available on-demand

Interactive fitness-boxing classes, led by the best trainers in the country, available on-demand. FightCamp brings boxing-fitness to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Pros: 

    Ideal workout to lean out those flanks and work on that upper body without having to leave home 😊


    I feel like not going to a gym makes me a ltitle less social but I’m so busy I had a hard time even making it to the gym in the first place

    Boxing has always been an intimidating sport for me and I never thought I could learn enough to enjoy a great workout! I gave fightcamp a try after I became bored with my cycling classes. I love how I can pick from a selection of instructors. They all have very different styles. I never thought my workouts would include boxing but the instructors here make it eausy to learn. Perfect for beginners like me that know nothing about boxing. 🥊 ❤️

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  • Pros: 

    Love Love LOVE my Fightcamp classes. I have been doing them on Monday, Wed and Saturdays and Peloton on Tuesday and Thursdays.


    I want more classes NOWWW

    I have been a big Peloton user for a long time but spinning is really only for the legs. I used to go to BoxUnion in Santa Monica but I have been so busy and haven’t been able to get there and have been craving the workout. Im addicted! I have the Fight camp bag in my exercise room right next to my bike and it’s there to stay. More classes from PJ and Aaron palleeeease! 🙏

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Patrick ChandlerMaker@patchandlermtl · Co-Founder & Data Scientist
Thanks for the Hunt Justin! Hey PH Community, You might remember me from the launch of Hykso, the first Wearable Punch Trackers (launched last year). ***WELL I’M BACK*** and our small 6 person team have been hard at work building a brand new experience called FightCamp (and we just launched our iOS app!!!). FightCamp is interactive fitness-boxing classes, led by the best trainers in the country, available on-demand. We fused the punch trackers data to a live screen where you can follow our fantastic instructors through a growing library of Boxing-HIIT classes (15-30-45 minute workouts), where all your punches are tracked and your output is measured and central to the experience. To explain as briefly as possible what we are, FightCamp brings boxing-fitness to everyone, anywhere, anytime. We are giving away the punch trackers for FREE to anyone that signs up (you just need to return them if you cancel) and we’re finalizing our FightCamp Home Kit which is our package for anyone who doesn’t have their boxing equipment yet, or who want to upgrade their boxing setup (which we hope will allow anyone to get in on the amazing workout you get from boxing). The FightCamp Home Kit consist of (what we consider) the best free-standing punching bag on the market (been testing tons of them the last few months and man are my knuckles getting sore 😄), custom gloves, custom quick wraps and a rubber workout mat. This is a crazy new experience for us. Our team consists of 4 French Canadians, 1 American from Boston and 1 English Canadian (Me!), we moved to Southern California 2 years ago (from Montreal) and have been heads-down building Hykso and now FightCamp because we’ve always thought boxing and combat sports in general have been missing the key element of output data (it’s pretty hard to measure progress without it). After satisfying some incredibly tough customers (with just the Hykso Punch Trackers) like the UFC Performance institute, Daniel Cormier and many other fighters, it was a really fun decision to move into actually providing the classes/workouts alongside the data so that we can make boxing workouts even more fun and engaging (seriously check out our instructors, they’re all amazing characters). Hope you all get a chance to check out our app and our classes, ask me anything I would love to chat and hear all your feedback!
Sumeet Shah@pe_feeds · Consumer & VC specialist for hire.
You're seeing a massive rise in the area of boutique fitness studios and classes focused on boxing. They're great and a significant number of the coaches are highly trained, but it's not scalable in terms of getting it to the mainstream consumer. The team at Hykso (which combines technical expertise and boxing prowess) has the answer with their trackers and FightCamp. It truly is the "Peloton of Boxing" and it'll be exciting to watch the product grow for individuals, gyms, and places in between!
Marc Boscher@marcboscher · Founder @
Nice, no more gym to get a boxing working. How much will the home kit be? My gym provides everything usually.
Patrick ChandlerMaker@patchandlermtl · Co-Founder & Data Scientist
@marcboscher the home kit is $499 and includes a newly designed stand-up bag (valued at $450), custom Gloves (the first machine washable gloves), custom quick wraps (to hold the sensor) and a 4' by 8' modular rubber mat (8mm thick) to reduce noise and help the bag stay in place.
Marc Boscher@marcboscher · Founder @
tks data-scientist-ph-maker @patchandlermtl
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
Looks amazing!
Jonathan Bentz@jonathanbentz · Creator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic
ETA on availability for Android?
Patrick ChandlerMaker@patchandlermtl · Co-Founder & Data Scientist
@jonathanbentz We are unsure of a timeline and are focused on making the iOS app working at the level we want, then we'll start working towards other platforms! Thanks for the feedback and we're very aware of the demand for android!
Jonathan Bentz@jonathanbentz · Creator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic
@patchandlermtl appreciate it. this is one of the coolest things i have seen on PH since i became a contributor, so i'm quite excited to see how things progress for you.