Visual apps and shortcuts for your terminal

Fig adds visual apps & shortcuts to your terminal. Developers use Fig to store shell commands / snippets and add GUIs to their terminal workflows. You can also view documentation inline, launch frequently used webapps, or even build your own CLI tool.
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Hey there! 🤗 Thanks for hunting us @mwseibel. We're super excited to share Fig with the community. We built Fig because the Terminal is powerful, but unforgiving. Many engineers still struggle to customize their environments, memorize arcane feature flags, edit dot profiles, and even learn hotkeys. Beginners are thrown in the deep end. And seasoned developers can screw up their system in a few unfortunate keystrokes. There are no affordances. No hints about the 'right way' of using a tool or even finding the right tool for the job. 7 of the top 10 most upvoted StackOverflow questions are related to git. Even the biggest proponents of CLIs would be less enthusiastic if the only way to learn them was through man pages and --help flags. In the 1970s, the VT100 standard enabled terminals to take advantage of video screens by moving the cursor around with ANSI escape codes. This made a whole new class of interactive, multiline tools (like vi and emacs) possible for the first time. We believe the terminal is overdue for a new round of retrofitting. How can Fig help? ⭐ Instant access to your most used commands & shortcuts The Fig sidebar gives you one click (or hotkey) access to the commands you use most. The sidebar moves with your terminal meaning it's always with you. 🚀 The Fig App Store The Fig App Store has visual apps that integrate directly with your shell. Some examples include: visual git, visual file directory (like Finder) for local and remote machines (like through SSH), curl command wrapper, visual PSQL db viewer etc. These apps are now just a click or command away. 🔥 Build your own apps The Fig.js runtime offers a simple API that lets anyone build their own apps in html, css, js. You can build a CLI tool as easily as building a web app. Check out the docs. How can I get started? Head over to our website and click get early access. We are letting new users off our waitlist everyday! If you have any ideas for apps (or want to build one) please let us know: @brendan_falk & I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
I've used this and am amazed this hasn't been done before, excited to see where this will be in a few months!
Whoa this is just what I needed and will definitely save me a lot of time. Setting it up now!
Thanks Dhruv! :)
Already been loving it and a huge time-saver.
Looks amazing, congrats on the launch!